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Upload files anonymously

Blockchain contracts are anonymous because they use a decentralized record-keeping system that does not rely on a central entity or authority. This means that transactions and information related to contracts are recorded on a distributed network of computers, making it difficult to trace back to specific identities. Furthermore, the information on the blockchain is encrypted and the privacy of users is protected by the blockchain technology itself.

Immutable Files.

Files inside the blocks of a blockchain cannot be changed because they are recorded in a permanent and immutable way. This is possible through the use of cryptography. Each block in the blockchain contains a series of information, including the files that are recorded. Once a block is recorded, its files cannot be modified or deleted. Instead, if a change is to be made to the files, it is recorded as a new transaction in a new block that is added to the chain. This makes the blockchain a reliable and secure way to record information, as it makes it difficult to alter or modify previously recorded files.

Low cost for upload
Fast and secure transactions
Keccak-256 secure encryption

Uncensorable .

This blockchain is not censorable because it is a decentralized system that does not rely on a single authority or central entity. Instead of relying on a single server or entity, the blockchain uses a network of computers that work together to maintain and verify the data entered into the blockchain. This means that in order to censor the blockchain, the majority of the nodes on the network must collaborate in censorship, which is extremely difficult to achieve due to the decentralization of the blockchain. Additionally, the information entered into the blockchain is encrypted and immutable, meaning that once a transaction or block is recorded on the blockchain, it cannot be modified or deleted. In summary, decentralization, cross-verification of nodes, and cryptography make it difficult to censor the blockchain, making it an ideal solution for secure and reliable storage of digital information.

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A blockchain for anonymous, immutable, and uncensored files provides a decentralized platform for uploading files anonymously, ensuring their immutability and protecting against any censorship. This solution provides privacy and security for the uploaded data.